Wednesday, Feb. 5th: Tech Wrech Wednesday: Raw and uncut, solid bangin' House & Tech House music! The Hot Diggers are hosting are committed to mixing it live for you! So come out, have a few drinks, tip your bartender, AND GET YOUR GROOVE ON! Starts at 8PM.

All Thursdays in February: Bar Bingo for Prizes! We've got Bar Bingo for Prizes! Bingo starts at 7PM. It is free! The grand prize is a $50 Gift Card to the Stage Door! Doors open at 6PM.

Friday, Feb. 7th: Live Local Music! We’ve got the very talented Jovani Cress, Greg Van Oosbree, and Unprofessional Friday performing for you! Come give your ears a treat with some great live music, and your taste buds a treat with some of our drink specials! The musicians start at 7:30PM and doors open at 6PM. Support local artists!

Saturday, Feb. 8th: Karaoke! DJ the DJ will be hosting the sassiest karaoke in town. Karaoke is 8PM-Midnight, and we open at 6PM.

Wednesday, Feb. 12th: DIY Night: Crafting & Cocktails! Join us for an evening of crafting and cocktails. The event starts at 6PM. Price details TBA. We open at 5PM.

Friday, Feb. 14th: The Stoplight Love Mixer! Join us as we Stop in the Name of Love! Here’s how it works: come play with us, and potentially meet your new love match. Wear either a red, yellow, or green shirt that corresponds to your relationship status. Red: In a relationship, Green: Free and ready to go, and Yellow: It’s complicated. Let your…ehm… chest do the talking, have a few drinks, and mingle. We will also be doing karaoke! The event starts at 8PM.

Saturday, Feb. 15th: Our Totally Rad 1984 Prom! Let’s go back to Prom! Join us as we host the most tubular Prom of the 20th century! Wear your best ‘80s attire, and get ready for dancing, drawings, a live DJ, and aqua net! Grab your date and meet us at the door at 8PM.

Wednesday, Feb. 19th: Tech Wrech Wednesday: Raw and uncut, solid bangin' House & Tech House music! The Hot Diggers are hosting are committed to mixing it live for you! So come out, have a few drinks, tip your bartender, AND GET YOUR GROOVE ON! Starts at 8PM.

Friday, Feb. 21 and Saturday, Feb. 22: Comedy Jam! Presents Professional Night. Join us for an evening of laughs! We are partnering with Comedy Jam! to bring in professional comedy night. Ticket info to be uploaded soon. The show starts at 8PM and doors open at 7PM. Buy tickets here:  https://www.eventbrite.com/e/comedy-jam-professional-comedy-night-tickets-93587760511?fbclid=IwAR1Zy_1Dl3MBqFcBm15l2NhLKh94A-QJUdcXXJJPNOxaBGeWDHgICYmhUM4

Friday, Feb. 28th:  Join us for our featured artist's reception. Tess King will be speaking about her work, her process, and will be open for questions. The reception starts at 7PM and doors open at 6PM. After the art reception, we will be having karaoke. Please join us for both!

Saturday, Feb. 29: Open Mic Comedy Night. We are combining Open Mic Night and karaoke with a Fundraiser for The Beeler Family.  We will have raffles, comedy, and music! Please join us in helping out one of our own! Want to try out your comedy skills? Join us for an evening of laughs and entertainment. Doors open at 6PM and the mic is open at 8PM


March 20 & 21st
7pm and 9pm each day

Please join The Stage Door for this exciting announcement! We will be hosting comics Dean Delray and Shaelan McDonough in Elko for four shows on March 20th and 21st. We will have 2 shows on each day at 7pm and 9pm. Tickets are $25 each and may only be purchased online here:  https://www.eventbrite.com/e/dean-delray-shaelan-mcdonough-comedy-show-tickets-93192233479

Seating is very limited, so get them while you can. You do NOT want to miss this opportunity.

Dean Delray is at the forefront of the standup comedy world. He has a diverse and authentic rock n’ roll and motorcycle background that translates into a captivating and raw live performance.
His relentless work ethic is is admired by his Hollywood comic peers for which he is well known and respected. He’s been a featured guest on Joe Rogan’s and Marc Marion’s podcasts. Some film credits include Netflix’s “Love”, Ice Cube’s “The Longest Yard”, and Quentin Tarantino’s “Hellride”.

His weekly podcast “Let There Be Talk” explores the human side of today’s most popular comedians, musicians, and artisans. His most recent 2 guests have been Kiss frontman Paul Stanley and world dominating singer/songwriter John Mayer.

In his earlier career Delray was a musician who toured with acts ranging from the Wallflowers to Tesla to Lenny Kravitz to the Black Crows to Tom Petty.

Although he is wildly talented in music, Delray chooses to spend his time performing standup and, boy, it shows. He has performed to sold out crowds nationwide including the iconic Los Angeles Forum. Later this month we will be performing at the Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas with Bill Burr.

Shaelan McDonough grew up Elko, NV. He is a regular in the LA circuit performing at iconic clubs the Comedy Store and the Icehouse. He can be seen touring up and down the coast of California.

After practicing dentistry for over a decade he brings a unique kind of comedic insight to his set not normally seen in the standup world. He runs a bimonthly show in Hermosa Beach, California where top comedians  collaborate and bring their humor to the beach.

We can't wait to see you all there. As we mentioned, seating is very limited, so get your tickets sooner than later! site. Alternatively, when you select a text box a settings menu will appear. Selecting 'Edit Text' from this menu will also allow you to edit the text within this text box. Remember to keep your wording friendly, approachable and easy to understand as if you were talking to your customer